Marquee: Clean Fresh

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Removes 100% soap scum & smells amazing

Breaks down build-up on surfaces like countertops, porcelain, showers, sinks and tubs. All that’s left behind is super amazing scent! That’s something to sparkle about!

A car full of smelly smells? No thanks!

Cleaning your bathroom is easy, unlike being the driver of a smelly carpool. With Scrubbing Bubbles, cleaning doesn’t have to stink. Bathroom Grime Fighter removes 100% soap scum & smells amazing.

Cleaning a mess shouldn’t be a stress

Scrubby thinks cleaning isn’t anything to worry about. It feels good and makes everything look better! Messes are stresses, so get rid of ‘em!

Scrubby reveals his top tips and tricks

Magicians never reveal their secrets. But a scrub brush? Heck, they’ll blab about just about anything. Scrubby reveals his most astonishing ways to make dirt and germs disappear.