How to Keep your Shower Clean

Scrubby Tout
“Seriously! My favorite type of music? That’s easy, tubstep!!!”


Scrubby has just the thing to freshen up your shower between scrub downs. Introducing Scrubbing Bubbles® Daily Shower Cleaner. No rinsing, wiping or scrubbing – nothing but the fresh scent of Rainshower®. Prevents the build-up of all sorts of bad things – like soap scum (mortal enemy), limescale (the worst) and grime (not a fan). Nothing defiles the tile. Daily Shower Cleaner delivers the clean every day of the week.

Keep messes away with a scent that lifts your day. That’s cleaning reinvented.

How-To Steps

Spray 15 inches from surface to be cleaned.

  1. Start with a clean shower.

  2. Immediately after showering, spray a light mist over the interior wet surfaces including the curtain and/or door.

  3. Walk away - do not scub, rinse or wipe off.

  4. Run the shower before entering to rinse the shower and bath floor.

  5. Always stand on a nonslip surface when in shower or bath.

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